Beacon is a compact transmitter that uses the energy-saving Bluetooth Low Energy communication technology (BLE) to emit a signal which is received by mobile devices in its immediate vicinity. Unlike a GPS signal, Beacon also works inside buildings, allowing the user to navigate and geolocate in real time. The maximum range of its operation is up to 70 meters.


Each transmitter has its own unique identifier. When the user’s device is within its range, all compatible applications are notified and can interact.

It is also worth mentioning iBeaconach, the technology implemented by Apple. The principle of operation of these transmitters is the same as in standard beacons. The main difference is that when the transmitter is detected, the operating system recognizes it and automatically launches the appropriate application. In Beacon technology, the application must be launched as soon as the signal is received so that it can interact. Thanks to this, the user does not have to remember anything … the appropriate apps open automatically.


As Androbit, we have experience in implementing multimedia systems in companies and institutions from various industries. Our team of programmers, engineers, graphic designers and marketing specialists approaches each customer individually and creates a fully satisfying solution with common forces. As one of the first in Poland, we offered our customers multimedia systems, using the then still fledgling, innovative technologies of iBeacon and Bluetooth Low Energy. To this day, we have remained faithful to them and continue to design, create and implement innovative systems based on modern technologies, reaching different types of clients.