Our multimedia exhibition works mainly in museums and places where learning is combined with entertainment. However, companies and corporations are using these capabilities more and more often. It is an effective way to build customer confidence and increase the attractiveness of the brand.

The exhibitions we design are based on engaging information display systems. We use 3D holograms, multimedia tables, projectors and specially prepared mobile applications. The possibilities are endless.

To increase the attractiveness of the exhibition and to engage visitors, we use gamification, which means that we make traditional sightseeing an adventure, a game. We design themed games, encourage competition, and pose interactive challenges, quizzes and age-related puzzles to visitors. Thanks to this, the participants remember a lot more than during traditional sightseeing. They leave smiling and satisfied and often recommend the exhibition to others.

We use iBeacon technology, which allows you to easily adjust the content of the multimedia exhibition to the age of the visitor. Thanks to this, the walk through the exhibition is intuitive and simple. When the visitor approaches the exhibition, prepared information and multimedia content automatically appear on his or her mobile device. In this way, a visitor’s tablet or phone becomes a mobile guide to the exhibition.