One of the products offered by Androbit is interactive software for visitors to museums. Nowadays, visitors expect more than just static exhibits displayed in glass cases. That is why our company decided to meet these requirements and set about creating and implementing multimedia interactive systems in museums.


Our technologies allow visitors to interact with presented exhibits and actively participate in sightseeing. We offer systems that enrich museum rooms with new installations containing multimedia content, such as movies, sounds, texts and images, which are displayed at the corresponding exhibits. With the help of the latest technologies such as Beacon, multimedia tables, projectors and cameras, we create dedicated content, quizzes and games, tailored to appropriate age ranges.


Our flagship work is an interactive museum system designed for the Górski Centrum Korona Ziemi in Zawoja and put into use in February 2015. This multimedia system allows you to discover further secrets of the highest mountains in the world using the above mentioned screens and touch tables and tablets. We have created four levels of sightseeing for various age groups – from an adventurous expedition for the youngest to a tour with rich, interesting information for the greatest mountain enthusiasts.

Thanks to the use of Beacon technology, multimedia installations send all the information about a specific summit, such as its geological structure, silhouettes of the first conquerors, or fauna and flora, to mobile the devices of visitors.